Indian students wowed by engineering facilities

Indian students wowed by engineering facilities

BESU students Twisha Talukdar, Titli Patra, Sayak Panja, and Juhi Chowdhury stand out front of the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation.

A group of visiting undergraduate engineering students from India say they like Windsor so much they’d like to come back for a master’s degree.

“It’s a very quiet and calm city compared to where we’re from,” said Sayak Panja, who comes from Calcutta and studies at the Bengal Engineering and Science University. “The infrastructure here is tremendous and the students seem to have a lot of freedom to choose what they wish to study and research.”

Along with Titli Patra, Twisha Talukdar and Juhi Chowdhury, Panja is here for two months conducting research in the brand new Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation. Panja and Patra are working in the lab of professor Narayan Kar on a project that involves maximizing the torque in shared induction motors that may one day be used in electric vehicles.

“We need to decrease pollution,” Panja said when asked about the importance of the work. “Pollution is a big problem back home and developing this kind of technology will help.”

Talukdar is working in the lab of professor Nihar Biswas, where she’s studying a method of using bacteria to reduce sulfates and heavy metals in wastewater, while Chowdhury is in the lab of professor Gary Rankin, researching a supersonic oscillator that can be used in fluid injection systems.

The students said they’ve had a chance to get out and see the city and were especially impressed by Windsor’s waterfront. All of them said they’d like to return for graduate studies and were extremely awed by the new facility.

“It’s so big and shiny,” enthused Talukdar.

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Event to showcase electric vehicle technology

Event to showcase electric vehicle technology

Electrical engineering professor Narayan Kar poses with the Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle he will display during a public event June 8.

Electrical engineering professor Narayan Kar will be showing off the latest acquisition from his research lab at an event this Saturday: a brand new, bright orange Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle.

The car, recently purchased from Eastway Toyota with support from industry partner Sober Steering and the AUTO21 network, will be on display when the Renewable Technology Centre hosts its fourth annual electric vehicle event at Green SunRising, a local designer of solar energy systems.

“Public education is part of our responsibility to the community,” said Dr. Kar, whose research program is focused on maximizing the range and durability of the electric portion of hybrid electric vehicles. “This car will facilitate a lot of research in our lab and we’d like to share that with the general public.”

The event, being held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1680 Kildare Road, is billed as a day dedicated to the future of clean transportation showcasing the latest in electric vehicle technology.

Besides the Prius from Kar’s lab, Green SunRising owner Klaus Dohring expects an additional 10 electric vehicles to be on display. Visitors will also get to see a variety of electric vehicle charging stations and solar powered carports.

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Providing energy for developing world aim of local company

Aimed at addressing the gap between research and commercialization by encouraging collaboration between post-secondary institutions and small- and medium-sized enterprises with pre-market needs, the initiative’s goal is to improve productivity and competitiveness for businesses located in southern Ontario. UWindsor faculty and student researchers worked with 18 companies on a variety of projects through the program. [Continue Reading]

Road that charges your car

University of Windsor engineer Dr. Narayan Kar and some of his graduate students demonstrate how road that would charge your electric car for you as you drive would work to delegates at the 2012 Canadian Science Writers’ Association Annual Conference. [Watch Video]

How good is a hybrid in the cold?

I have recently become concerned with the environmental impact of my truck and I would like to buy a hybrid, but am concerned with the performance and durability in extreme conditions. I live in Northwestern Ontario where temperatures can reach minus-40 and road conditions can be treacherous. I’d like to know if a hybrid is a realistic option for me and if there is anything I should be concerned about? [Continue Reading]

Hybrid researcher receives $500,000 funding

Windsor, Ontario – A researcher at the University of Windsor in Ontario will receive $500,000 in funding for hybrid research, and has been appointed Canada Research Chair in Advanced Hybrid Drivetrain Systems for his work on hybrid vehicle technology.

Dr. Narayan Kar, an associate professor in electrical and computer engineering, will receive $100,000 a year in funding for five years. The announcement was made by Gary Goodyear, federal Minister of State for Science and Technology. [Continue Reading]