Awards and Achievements



Aiswarya Balamurali received the Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship for the year 2016





Chunyan Lai received the University of Windsor Research Excellence Award for the year 2016

Prospective Researchers

Prospective researchers such as graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting professors etc. whose research interest lies in the area of electric machine design, control and testing for electrified transportation application can apply by sending their CV to Please include research opportunity_electric machines in your subject line of the email.

Director’s Message


CHARGE Labs (Centre for Hybrid Automotive Research and Green Energy), at the University of Windsor under the Canada Research Chair Program in Electrified Transportation Systems advances knowledge, technology and expertise through world-class transformative and disruptive research and innovation in the area of electric vehicle science and engineering.

The program aims to advance major bottlenecks in commercially available electric vehicles such as driving range anxiety, longer charging time and high overall cost of ownership when compared to equivalent gasoline vehicles. Outcome of the research and development activities conducted also leads to a cleaner environment and benefit Canada both economically and socially. In an effort to produce far-reaching research solutions, CHARGE Labs focuses on major research areas such as electric machine design and testing, machine drives and control, electric vehicle simulation and inductive and conductive charging. This industrial scale research and development facility at the University of Windsor is enabling national and international academic, industry and government researchers and collaborators to conduct battery-to-wheel research in an effort to promote creativity, collaboration, and practical know-how to enhance current electric vehicle technology and allow researchers and students to cross-transfer knowledge and expertise to the automotive industry.

In partnership with CanmetMATERIALS, Ford Motor Company and D&V Electronics, this facility enables professors from the Electrical, Materials and Mechanical disciplines to work collaboratively while taking established capabilities to a globally competitive level. CHARGE Labs also has active research collaborations and student/faculty exchange programs with universities in Canada and in countries such as China, France and India.  The Centre is heavily supported by federal and provincial government funding agencies such as Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and industrial partners. CHARGE Labs hosts an industrial scale testing facility funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation for producing world-class transformative research and technology in the areas of next generation passenger and heavy-duty electric vehicle powertrain components and systems through advanced and high accuracy testing. The research facility is on par or supersedes the ability of North American automotive OEMs in testing and development of electric motors and power converters and controls under an emulated electric vehicle environment and futuristic charging schemes.

Research and Development

In the forefront of advancing electrified transportation technologies, research and development activities on electric motors and drives, EV charging systems, EV simulation and vehicle powertrain architecture is being performed at CHARGE. A summary of various R&D activities is shown below:

Vinay_R&D overview_870

Contract Testing Solutions

CHARGE is heavily supported by NSERC and Canada Foundation for Innovation and hosts an industrial scale testing facility for producing world-class transformative research and technology in the areas of next generation passenger and heavy-duty electrified vehicle powertrain systems and components right from energy storage to propulsion through testing and development.