2019 APMA Annual Conference and ExhibitionJune 12Windsor, Canada

Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation

Oct 28-31China

44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Oct 21-23Washington D.C., USA

International Conference on Electric Machines and Systems

Oct 7-10Korea

International Conference on Electrical Machines

Sept 3-6Greece

Defense Seminar:
Novel Modeling, Testing and Control Approaches Towards Energy Efficiency Improvement in PMSM and Drive Systems  
by Ms. Aiswarya Balamurali

August 16Windsor, Canada

Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

August 5-8Windsor, Canada

International Conference on Magnetism

July 15-20San Francisco, USA

Energy and Sustainability

June 21-22Windsor, Canada

2018 APMA Annual Conference and Exhibition

June 6Windsor, Canada

FORD PERDC Windsor Workshop

May 30Windsor, Canada

McMaster Workshop

May 8-9Hamilton, Canada

OCE Discovery

April 30-May 1Toronto, Canada

Defense Seminar:
Machine Learning based Early Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle Application  by Mr. Eshaan Ghosh

April 30Windsor, Canada

Intermag 2018

April 23-27Singapore
1st Seminar:
On The Modeling, Analysis and Development Of PMSM: For Traction and Charging Application  by Ms. Shruthi Mukundan
April 18Windsor, Canada

2nd Seminar:
Semi-Analytical Approach towards Design and Optimization of Induction Machines for Electric Vehiclesby Ms. Aida Mollaeian

Nov 20Windsor, Canada

43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Nov 1-3


2nd Seminar:
Machine Learning based Fault Diagnosis for Fault-tolerant Induction Motor Control  by Mr. Eshaan Ghosh

Oct 20Windsor, Canada

Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition

Oct 1-5Cincinnati, USA

APMA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017

June 14Windsor, Canada

Research Showcase at the Parliament Hill

May 17Ottawa, Canada

Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

April 30-May 3Windsor, Canada


April 24-28Ireland

International Conference on Industrial Technology

March 22-25Toronto, Canada
1st Seminar:
Artificial Intelligence based Optimized Control of Faulty Induction Motor by Mr. Eshaan Ghosh
January 20Windsor, Canada

1st Seminar – Optimal Design of Electric Machines by Ms. Aida Mollaein

Dec 21Windsor, Canada

IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation

Nov 13-16Miami, USA

2nd Seminar – Torque Ripple Minimization in PMSM Drives by Ms. Chunyan Lai

Oct 20Windsor, Canada

Coil Winding Expo

Oct 5Chicago, USA

International Conference on Electric Machines

Sept 4-7Switzerland

Annual Progress Meeting 2016

August 17Windsor, Canada

Electric Vehicle Symposium

June 18-22Montreal, Canada

Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association

June 15Windsor, Canada

Defense Seminar – Investigation of PMSM for Integrated Charging and Direct-drive Applications by Mr. Lakshmi Varaha Iyer

May 25Windsor, Canada
29th Annual IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer EngineeringMay 15-19Vancouver, Canada

Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association

June 2-3Windsor, Canada

Auto 21 Annual Conference

May 26-27Montreal, Canada


May 13-14China

IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives  Conference

May 10-14Coeur d’Alene, USA

Electric Vehicle Research Showcase

April 15Windsor, Canada

Canada Research Chair Program Symposium

April 1-3Toronto, Canada
Michael Smith Foreign Research ProgramDec 2014 – March 2015Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India