Conference Participation

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2nd Seminar:
Semi-Analytical Approach towards Design and Optimization of Induction Machines for Electric Vehiclesby Ms. Aida Mollaeian
November 20 Windsor, Canada
2nd Seminar:
Machine Learning based Fault Diagnosis for Fault-tolerant Induction Motor Control  by Mr. Eshaan Ghosh
October 20 Windsor, Canada
International Conference on Industrial Technology March 22-25 Toronto, Canada
Intermag April Ireland
Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering April 30-May 3 Windsor, Canada
Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition October 1-5 Cincinnati, USA
43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society November 1-3 China
APMA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 June 14 Windsor, Canada
Research Showcase at the Parliament Hill May 17 Ottawa, Canada
1st Seminar:
Artificial Intelligence based Optimized Control of Faulty Induction Motor by Mr. Eshaan Ghosh
January 20 Windsor, Canada