The test facility is equipped with electric and hybrid electric vehicles for understanding EV drivetrain systems and components and validating developed concepts. Starting with EV simulation using Matlab and Autonomie software packages, real time testing through OPAL RT system and experimental validation using any of the in-house vehicle chassis, researchers can implement their component and control schemes developed in the EV for practical performance analysis through on-road testing. Moreover, the EV model, controls and components can also be tested in conjunction or isolation against the traction motor and inverter on the EV powertrain tester available at the facility.

  • One commercially available hybrid electric vehicle, one modified EV in the supermini segment and one developed off-road EV with components and systems connect and-drive capability,
  • Vehicle simulation software such as Autonomie and Matlab
  • EV drivetrain tester capable of operating a EV model or system against motor and inverter over a user-defined drive cycle.
  • OPAL RT real-time simulator for EV simulation under HIL or RCP operations.