E-Motor Control

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The test facility includes Opal-RT based hardware-in-loop test bench with rapid control prototyping capability to test machines such as interior and surface permanent magnet machines, switched reluctance machines, line–start permanent magnet machines, brushless DC machines, aluminum- and copper-rotor and induction machines and wound-field synchronous machines up to 6 phases. Various control algorithms and controllers can also be tested through custom designed converter stacks, static and dynamic loads.

  • Two custom designed 80kVA, 10 leg and 30kVa, 7 leg back-back IGBT based converters.
  • Three 5 kVA 3 phase IGBT based inverters and rectifiers and one 100 kW DC/DC converter for buck and boost operation.
  • OPAL RT based HIL & RCP testing platform and DSP based controller kits.
  • Two DC supplies of 200 V and 750 V capability, current and voltage sensors of various ratings, DC supplies for gate drivers, monitoring and protection devices.