Director’s Message

CHARGE Labs (Centre for Hybrid Automotive Research and Green Energy), under the Canada Research Chair Program in Electrified Transportation Systems is an industrial scale research and development laboratory at the University of Windsor. The facility produces world-class transformative and disruptive research and technology through discovery and innovation in the area of electric vehicle (EV) science and engineering. In an effort to produce far-reaching research solutions, CHARGE Lab has 5 major research areas for Electric Vehicles: Electric machine design, Electric machine testing, Machine drives and control, Electric vehicle simulation and Inductive & conductive charging.

This facility is enabling national & international academic, industry & government researchers and collaborators to conduct battery-to-wheel research in an effort to promote creativity, collaboration, and practical know-how to enhance current electrified vehicle technology and allow researchers and students to cross-transfer knowledge, technology, and expertise to the industry. Supported by industry and government lab such as CanmetMATERIALS, Ford Motor Company and D&V Electronics, this facility enables professors from the Electrical, Materials and Mechanical disciplines to work collaboratively while taking established capabilities to a globally competitive level.