Debmalya Banerjee, received the B.E. degree from Bengal Engineering and Science University, Kolkata, India, in 2001. He received M.E. and PhD degree from Indian Insitute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, in 2003 and 2008 respectively. His area of research is Load Commutated Inverter for Induction Motor Drive.

He has gained industrial experience mainly in Regenerative Induction Motor Drives for high inertia, flywheel type of load from Integrated Electric Power Technologies, Bangalore. His main industrial research interest is the development of position sensor less field oriented controls for Induction and Permanent Magnet Motors, Active front end converters, Battery Charging applications and new semiconductor device testing.

He worked as a Research Engineer on behalf of Hella Electronics, Pune in Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory, IIEST, Shibpore prior to joining CHARGE laboratory, Dept. of ECE, University of Windsor, Canada.