Conference Participation

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1st Seminar – Optimal Design of Electric Machines by Ms. Aida Mollaein Dec 21 Windsor, Canada
IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation November 13-16 Miami, USA
2nd Seminar – Torque Ripple Minimization in PMSM Drives by Ms. Chunyan Lai October 20 Windsor, Canada
Coil Winding Expo October 5 Chicago, USA
International Conference on Electric Machines September 4-7 Switzerland
Annual Progress Meeting 2016 August 17 Windsor, Canada
Electric Vehicle Symposium June 18-22 Montreal, Canada
Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association June 15 Windsor, Canada
Defense Seminar – Investigation of PMSM for Integrated Charging and Direct-drive Applications by Mr. Lakshmi Varaha Iyer May 25 Windsor, Canada
29th Annual IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering May 15-19 Vancouver, Canada