PhD Dissertations and MASc Theses

PhD Dissertations:

  1. Animesh Kundu Anik, “Performance Evaluation and State-of-Health (SOH) Monitoring of Electric Motor Drive Used for Electric Vehicle Propulsion”, 2023
  2. Jiang-Bo Tian, “High–Performance Gallium Nitride Switching Semiconductor Based PMSM Drive for EV Applications”, 2022.
  3. Ze Li, “Novel Multi-Parameter Estimation Scheme Towards Multi-Phase PMSM Performance Improvement and Thermal Protection”, 2021.
  4. Firoz Ahmed, “Lumped Parameter Thermal Network Modelling for Thermal Characterization and Protection of Traction Motors in Electric Vehicle Application”, 2019.
  5. Aida Mollaeian, “Semi-analytical Approach toward Design and Optimization of Induction Machines for Electric Vehicles”, 2019 (co-supervision with Dr. Jimi Tjong).
  6. Shruthi Mukundan, “On the Modeling, Analysis and Development of PMSM: For Traction and Charging Application”, 2019 (co-supervision with Dr. Jimi Tjong).
  7. Himavarsha Dhulipati, “Modeling and Analysis of Multi-phase PMSM: Direct-Drive Electric Vehicle Application”, 2019.
  8. Min Zhu, “Novel Methods for Permanent Magnet Demagnetization Detection in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines”, 2018.
  9. Aiswarya Balamurali, “Novel Modelling Testing and Control Approaches Towards Energy Efficiency Improvement in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Drive Systems”, 2018.
  10. Eshaan Ghosh, “Machine Learning Based Early Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle Application”, 2018.
  11. Chunyan Lai, “Novel Techniques for Torque Ripple Modeling and Minimization in Permanent Magnet Machines”, 2017.
  12. K. Lakshmi Varaha Iyer, “Investigation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Direct-Drive and Integrated Charging Applications in Electric Vehicles”, 2016.
  13. Anas Labak, “Designing, Prototyping and Investigation of Advanced Five-Phase Axial Flux SRM for Electrified Vehicle Application”, 2015.
  14. Seyed Mahdi Mousavi Sangdehi, “Optimal Design of Battery-Ultracapacitor Hybrid Source Light/Heavy Electrified Vehicle”, 2015.
  15. Xiaomin Lu, “Dual Benefits of Adding Damper Bars in PMSMs for Electrified Vehicles: Improved Machine Dynamics and Simplified Integrated Charging”, 2014.
  16. Syeda Fatima Ghousia, “A Novel Globally Optimized Instantaneous Torque Ripple Minimization Method in Switched Reluctance Motors with Matrix Converter Drives”, 2013.
  17. Saeedeh Hamidifar, “Regression Function Characterization of Synchronous Machine Magnetization and its Impact on Machine Stability Analysis”, 2012.
  18. Hany M. Jabr Soloumah, “Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Used in Wind Energy”, 2008.

MASc Theses:

  1. Vamsi Krishna Kurramsetty,” Approaches for Improving Overall System Efficiency in Wound Field Synchronous Machine Drives used for EV Propulsion”, 2023
  2. Khagendra Thapa,” Mitigation of Asymmetrical Currents in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Unbalanced Stator Winding Impedance for Electric Vehicle Application”, 2023
  3. Giovanni Ricciardi,” Development of Virtual Methodology to Evaluate Electric Motor Losses”, 2023
  4. Sana Etemadi, “ Enhanced Mathematical Modeling and Novel Multiparameter Estimation Scheme for PMSMs Accounting for Nonlinearities”, 2023
  5. Isabelle Dinh, “ Thermal Analysis Based Design of Hollow Shaft for Improved Cooling of Induction Motors”, 2023
  6. Michael Thamm,” 2D Hybrid Analytical Model Based Performance Optimization for Linear Induction Motors”, 2023
  7. Cameron Pickersgill,” DC-Link Capacitor State-of-Health (SOH) Monitoring and Lifetime Extension for EV Applications”, 2023
  8. Donovan O’Donnell, “Utilization of Carbon-Based Windings Toward Next Generation Traction E-Motors”, 2022 (co-supervision with Dr. Jimi Tjong).
  9. Tim Stachl, “Non-Dominated Adaptive-Restart Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Tractive Induction Motor Rotor Bar Considering Dynamic Operation Through Center of Gravity Method”, 2022.
  10. Soumava Bhattacharjee, “Development and Implementation of Novel Intelligent Motor Control for Performance Enhancement of PMSM Drive in Electrified Vehicle Application”, 2021 (co-supervision with Dr. K.L.V. Iyer).
  11. Niccolò Remus, “Parametric Investigation of the Core Geometry of an IPMSM to Reduce Vibrations”, 2020 (co-supervision with Dr. Colin Novak).
  12. Corey Klinkhamer, “Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Jet Impingement Cooling for Electric Vehicle Inverters”, 2020 (co-supervision with Dr. Ram Balachandar).
  13. Pronay K. Chakrobarty, “Control Strategies of DC-DC Converter in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle”, 2020.
  14. Pratik Roy, “Thermal Modeling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Electric Vehicle Application”, 2020.
  15. Dima Alame, “Assessing and Mitigating Impacts of Electric Vehicles on Active Distribution Systems”, 2019 (co-supervision with Dr. Maher Azzouz).
  16. Philip Korta, “Multi–Objective Drive–Cycle Based Design Optimization of PMSMs”, 2018.
  17. Junxi Cai, “Implementation and Analysis of Direct Torque Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Gallium Nitride based Inverter”, 2018.
  18. Qingqing Xie, “Modeling and Simulation of PM Motor Testing Environment Towards EV Application Considering Road Conditions”, 2018.
  19. Eric J. Lesiuta, “Optimization of a Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles Using Machine Learning Methods”, 2016.
  20. Nikola Stojakovic, “New Receiver Coil for Enhanced Misalignment Tolerance in Wireless Charging of Hybrid/Electric Vehicles”, 2016 (co-supervision with Dr. Maher Sid-Ahmed).
  21. Bryan Esteban, “A Comparative Study of Power Supply Architectures in Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Systems”, 2014 (co-supervision with Dr. Maher Sid-Ahmed).
  22. Matthew L. Hurajt, “Simulation of a Wind Energy Conversion System Utilizing a Vector Controlled Doubly Fed Induction Generator”, 2013.
  23. Golam MD Zubaer Kaiser Khan, “An Integrated Bi-Directional Automotive Charging System with Controller”, 2013.
  24. Yanhe Li, “Optimization of PHEV Power Split Gear Ratio to Minimize Fuel Consumption and Operation Cost”, 2013.
  25. Gabriele Catacchio, “Design of Battery Pack and Internal Combustion Engine Thermal Models for Hybrid Electric Vehicles”, 2013 (co-supervision with Dr. Peter Frise).
  26. Debarshi Biswas, “Minimization of Electrical Losses in a Vector Controlled Induction Machine Drive”, 2013.
  27. James Kettlewell, “Study on Performance Characteristics of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Due to Rotor Configuration”, 2013.
  28. Maryam Kazerooni, “New Load Demand For Electric Vehicles and its Harmonic Impacts on Power System Distribution Transformers”, 2012.
  29. Stefano Baldizzone, “Performance and Fuel Economy Analysis of a Mild Hybrid Vehicle Equipped with Belt Starter Generator”, 2012 (co-supervision with Dr. Colin Novak).
  30. Danny Grignion, “Robust Load Disturbance Torque Estimation for a Permanent Magnet DC Motor Drive System”, 2012 (co-supervision with Dr. Xiang Chen).
  31. Lakshmi Varaha Iyer, “Modeling and Analysis of AC Conduction Effects in Aluminum & Copper-Rotor Induction Machines and Development of a Novel Voltage Regulation Scheme for Distributed Wind Power Generation”, 2011.
  32. Chitradeep Sen, “Performance Analysis of Batteries Used in Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles”, 2010.
  33. Ashim Raj Das, “Optimal Power Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Through Drivetrain Analysis”, 2010.
  34. Anas Labak, “New Design of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Finite Element Analysis for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications”, 2009.
  35. Mariam Khan, “Study of Challenges in Technology Development and Market Penetration of Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Canada”, 2009.
  36. Dongyun Lu, “Neural Network Based Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion”, 2009.
  37. Sala-ud-din Rana, “Analysis of Self-Excited Synchronous Reluctance Generator”, 2009.
  38. Rashed Mazhar, “Dynamic analysis of Synchronous Machine Using Neural Network Based Characterization, Clustering & Pattern Recognition”, 2009.
  39. Gaurav Nanda, “Thermal Analysis of Aluminum and Copper Rotor Self Excited Induction Generators”, 2008.
  40. Muhammad Choudhary, “A Study of Saturated Induction Motor Starting Performance”, 2008.
  41. Khurshid Hafiz, “Study of Self Excited Induction Generators with Aluminum and Copper Rotors Taking Skin Effect into Account”, 2008.
  42. Hossein Tashakori, “Synchronous Generator Transient Behavior and Protection Under Loss of Excitation Fault”, 2007.
  43. Shahram Najafi, “Electrical Transients in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines”, 2006.
  44. Souvik Guha, “Modelling and Analysis of Saturated Synchronous Reluctance Generator”, 2006.