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 Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Emerging Multi-Port Electrical Machines and Systems

Updated design and optimization methods considering the multi-port feature

Multiphysics coupling analysis with an emphasis on structural reliability and thermal design

New methods for integrated modeling, analysis and control

Performance evaluation in specific application scenarios

New topologies with competitive torque/power density and efficiency

Advanced control strategies considering practical deployment

New applications of multi-port electrical machines and systems

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IET Electric Power Applications 


Advances in High-speed Machines for Electric Drives, Power Generation and Energy Storage Systems
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Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in ultra-high-speed low-power motors and generators
  • Advances in high-speed induction machines
  • Advances in high-speed permanent-magnet, reluctance, or reluctance-assisted machines
  • Advances in high-speed electrically-excited synchronous machines with solid rotors
  • Innovative methodologies for high-speed machine modeling, analysis and simulation
  • New techniques for high-speed machine design and design optimization
  • Advances in high-speed motor and generator control and regulation
  • New converter topologies dedicated to high-speed motor supply
  • New converter topologies dedicated to high-speed generator connection to the grid
  • New technologies in high-speed machine construction, manufacturing and testing
  • High speed electric machines and converters for inertial energy storage systems

Electric and Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Aviation

IET Digital Library: IET Electric Power Applications – About

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Electric machine design for aircraft electrification
  • Impact of electric power architectures on machine design for aircraft electrification
  • Impact of electronic power converters for aircraft electrification
  • Electric machine control algorithms suitable for aircraft electrification



IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics

Special Issue on Predictive Control in Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Industrial Applications (

In the last decade, fast modern microcontrollers have been continuously growing, allowing to develop and implement new and more intelligent control strategies as an alternative to conventional techniques for power converters. Predictive Control is one of these powerful and attractive alternatives that has received special attention in the last time. The use of predictive control offers several interesting advantages: it is an intuitive control approach, it does not need linear controllers and modulators, and it is possible to include easily nonlinearities and restrictions in the control law. It can be expected that the advantages of predictive control will lead to industrial applications in the future after some further progress.

We encourage all researchers working in this area or developing predictive control applications to submit papers to this Special Issue, whose topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Predictive control applied to power converters and actuators: AC/AC, DC/AC, AC/DC, DC/DC converters.

Predictive control in variable speed drives.

Design and implementation issues of predictive control: prediction horizon extension, improved sampled-data models, cost function selection, weighting factor design, delay compensation, model parameters errors, variable switching frequency, etc.

Predictive control in industrial and non-industrial applications: railway traction, electrically powered vehicles, more electric aircraft, wind energy generation, photovoltaic energy generation, power quality conditioners, etc.

Sensorless control of electrical machines.

All manuscripts must be submitted through Manuscript Central at Submissions must be clearly marked “Special Issue on Predictive Control in Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Industrial Applications, 2018/2019” on the cover page. When uploading your paper, please select your manuscript type “Special Issue.” Refer to for general information about electronic submission through Manuscript Central. Manuscripts submitted for the special issue will be reviewed separately and will be handled by the guest editorial board noted below.

Deadline for Submission of Manuscript: January 2018