The facility hosts two advanced proof-of-concept electric machines testers and one industrial scale EV motor test infrastructure capable of testing different types of electric machines and drives. Driven through an OPAL RT controller platform, custom designed converters and controls, the machines can be tested for electrical, thermal and noise & vibration perfromance under both constant power & constant speed regions. Endurance of the machine can also be tested on a user defined drive cycle and vehicle model.

  • 150 kW and 6 phase EV powertrain tester with temperature measurement and water cooling capability for the test motor.
  • Two 25 kW proof-of concept motor endurance testers with noise and vibration testing chamber.
  • OPAL RT based rapid control prototyping motor test system.
  • Multiple oscilloscopes, power quality and energy analysers, contact and surface temperture measurement devices, DC supplies, position & speed sensors, 3 phase and 6 phase load bank