Research Program

The Centre for Hybrid Automotive Reaseach and Green Energy (CHARGE Labs) concentrates on 3 major areas of research

Traction E-Machines

In collaboration with multi-disciplinary subject experts, CHARGE Labs advances traction e-motor technology by pursuing multi-dimensional breakthroughs in new and innovative materials, structural optimization and thermal management. The high–performance e-motors are required to be lightweight, compact, low-cost, efficient, easily manufacturable and above all, reliable. Industry partners are supported in developing new electric machine innovations and resulting from this facility.

Traction Motor Drives and Controls

The traction motor drive research includes design, modeling, control, thermal management and testing of high-performance electric traction drive systems utilizing traditional as well as wide-band gap power electronic devices in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams of experts. Research in CHARGE Labs also includes inverter condition monitoring and fault diagnosis as well as reliability analysis and improvement. Industry partners are supported in developing innovative new motor control and drive technologies through commercialization of new products resulting from this facility.

E-Motor and Drive Testing

Advanced test infrastructure is of critical importance towards development and testing of next–generation and superior performance EV powertrains. Kar Lab has significant traction e-motor and inverter benchmarking capabilities that have strengthened the collaborations with academic, government and industry partners. Fast and accurate testing and characterization is essential to the iterative design optimization process of next-generation electric motors and drives. The research program develops new methods that can produce accurate and comprehensive test results. Automatic electric motor and drive testing is conducted in an EV environment.